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Our farm is built in an 18,000 square foot refurbished abandoned printing factory right in the heart of the industrial corridor of Pilsen. Leafy greens, herbs, micro greens, and edible flowers fill the rows on our farm year-round in a controlled environment, monitored closely to ensure efficiency, without the use of pesticides or herbicides.


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Green Healthy Cooking

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Salmon Burger With Garlic Herb Mayonnaise

This week’s recipe comes from Green Healthy Cooking – recipes made for the whole family highlighting, you guessed it, greens!

It’s simple, fresh, and ridiculously delicious!

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What is hydroponic farming?

Hydroponic systems operate on various set-ups. Two techniques we use on our farm include Nutrient Film Technique, commonly referred to as NFT, and Flood and Drain irrigation.

NFT is comprised of a continuous stream of nutrient-dense water through long pipes, known as channels, where the plants live in root cubes that act as a placeholder for the plant. The roots of the plants are nourished from the dissolved nutrients in the water supply and abundant oxygen levels thanks to its exposure. The water circulates back to a water reservoir and recycled for use until the water is changed.

Flood and Drain irrigation is quite simply just that. Trays of seedlings are placed in a larger tray that’s connected to a series of pipes and drains. Each tray is filled with enough nutrient-dense water to submerge the roots of the plants, nourishing them with each water cycle. After all trays are filled with water, they are then drained out one-by-one and the water re-enters the reservoir where it is again recycled for reuse in the system.

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