About Us

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At Windy City Greens, we grow local produce for Chicago restaurants and grocers to build healthier communities. Our urban farm is located in the Pilsen neighborhood, where we enjoy supporting the local community by creating urban farming jobs to improve the access to fresher, healthier food in Chicago and its surrounding areas.

Our sustainable farm operates year-round, growing microgreens, herbs and vegetables in a controlled state-of-the-art environment. Since all of our farming is done indoors, we don’t need to worry about harsh winters or crop-killing pests. Everything we grow at our farm is herbicide and pesticide-free.

We care deeply about resource management and environmental impact. All aspects of our growing methodology, from our energy use to our irrigation systems, are carefully and continuously monitored for efficiency. Since our farm is located near the city center, it reduces the need for long haul transportation which helps to eliminate our carbon footprint and guarantees a higher quality product due to the short time between harvest and delivery.